VOO offers centralized communication and smart data transfer, making most e-mails and telephone calls unnecessary. For far speedier and absolutely smooth transactions.

VOO flight software

About VOO

What does VOO mean?

When looking for the coolest, shortest and most distinctive translation of the word FLIGHT, we came across the Portuguese word for it. VOO. So easy. And doesn´t it sound just like a jet swishing by – or  a booking just made on VOO?

What is VOO?

VOO is the first digital B2B marketplace to search, book, pay and manage your private jet flights.

All your bookings are displayed on just one page.

Countless phone calls? Tons of e-mails? A thing of the past!

No more dead requests – only firm bookings.

It’s real. But doesn‘t it sound just like a dream come true?

Who is the moving team behind VOO?

VOO is being developed entirely in Austria and is 100% an Austrian company, founded in 2020 by five partners with the aim to go and revolutionize business aviation. Our headquarter and homebase of the development team is in Graz.

What is the partnership with AVINOC about?

VOO is being developed by AVINOC. AVINOC is a blockchain-based company, committed to advancing aviation through revolutionary innovations. For more information about the company, the AVINCO token and other projects visit avinoc.com.


What's new for a broker?

With VOO, your everyday processes will be much faster and far more efficient. VOO offers you fair, fixed and comparable prices for each jet listed on the platform. Thanks to VOO, you will have more time at your disposal for marketing and sales and, most importantly, to devote to your clients.

VOO prepays your flight on your behalf and grants you a payment period to repay costs. Thanks to VOOpay, your flight is guaranteed.

There is only ONE digital marketplace for your entire chartering business.

What's new for an operator?

With VOO, you will have no more dead requests and far more firm bookings. VOO guarantees you a first-class presence on the platform. Your aircraft utilization will improve and your turnover grow, your costs will sink and your margins will rise.

VOO prepays your flight on behalf of the broker and assumes the risk of non-payment. Thanks to VOOpay, your payment is secured.

There is only ONE digital marketplace for your entire fleet.

What's the VOO flight folder?

The Flight Folder shows the broker what the operator is doing. And it shows the operator what the broker is doing. LIVE!

Is VOO a B2C platform?

No! VOO is exclusively a B2B platform – end users cannot access it. This guarantees the brokers optimum use of the platform.


What is VOOpay?

VOOpay offers you transparent, traceable and secure financial transactions. The broker can use the pre-payment function for flights by using VOOpay Premium. By using VOOpay you automatically collect VOOmiles and get crypto-commissions into the VOOwallet.

What is VOOmiles?

VOOmiles is a free reward program. As a broker, you get cash backs for every booked flight. As an operator, you get margin premiums. For each VOOpay transaction, receive AVINOC token as a bonus.

What is VOOwallet?

VOOwallet is a free crypto wallet, offers you lots of benefits:

  • Get crypto-commissions for each sale you make
  • Be part of the crypto-market and get exchange profits
  • Change your AVINOC token into your local currency
  • Pay for your next charter flight with AVINOC token

Use your VOOmiles to get a discount on your next flight.

Onboarding VOO

How can I register and become part of the reVOOlution?
  1. Register at VOO after the product launch on June 22
  2. Follow the required steps and upload your documents for verification.
  3. Set up your aircraft, upload the pictures and create a first-class presence on the marketplace.
  4. Search and book your flights directly or receive only firm bookings. Requests and reservations are a thing of the past!
  5. Pay only moderate license fees and receive cash backs. Use VOOpay, collect VOOmiles and get crypto-commissions in your VOOwallet for every sale.
How much is the license fee?

The license fee per VOOuser is EUR 75,- / month. The license fee per aircraft is EUR 150,- / month (for already booked aircraft).